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Healing Sunday

Let’s turn the temperature back up as we flow to our favorite Sunday hits. Healing happens here and especially on Sunday’s. The combination of heat, scripture, meditation, and music will provide the healing you need to start your week off in a positive light! 

Ending with a 5-minute faith-based meditation and prayer. 

Yoga for Athletes

For our owners, the NFL was a dream that become a reality and it allowed them to learn first-hand from some of the best athletes in the world! They learned that one of the keys to success is recovery and investing in your body. This class will teach you the poses you need to gain more strength and flexibility, while giving you a chance to flow. This class will allow time for essential recovery and meditation to help you visualize future success. 

Kids Yoga (ages 6-12) 

Who said yoga is just for adults? Yoga is essential for developing our young, healthy minds of the future. During this class our future yogi’s will learn the foundational poses of yoga, breath techniques, and ways to channel their emotions, all while having fun. Our non-profit foundation Dream the Impossible will be sponsoring this class!

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